He thirteen seasons on the NFL  with the Kansas City Chiefs and six with the San Diego Chargers Donnie Edwards, has come to be known in veteran and military circles for his veterans organization, The Best Defense Foundation.

The Best Defense Foundation helps bring closure to WWII veterans by returning them to the battlefields where they once fought. Edwards and his foundation have helped hundreds of veterans return to battlefields from Normandy to Iwo Jima.

Donnie also launched The Best Defense Video Archive to educate our young and preserve this living history for future generations. Our library of videos, photographs and testimonials are a first party account of heroism, tragedy, acts of bravery and acts of liberation.

The Best Defense Foundation has also added to its mantle a mission for Special Forces soldiers. The Transition Program connects operators with the services they need. They begin by assessing key issues then provide resource roadmaps, skill development seminars, a network of sponsors and an individualized roadmap to success.

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