Honor Walks

Join in our global honor walk series as we recognize, celebrate and honor our veterans that have fought and sacrificed for all of us.

Honoring those who served

We have created our Best Defense Foundation Honor Walk series as another way for us to educate, celebrate, honor and give thanks to our veterans.  We use each walk as a platform to educate and tell the stories of the veterans that served and sacrificed so much at each of those historic events.
Our Honor Walks are a great opportunity for us all to remember those lost… and celebrate those living.  Rain, snow, or sunny skies – we walk.  We walk for those that can’t walk anymore.  There is no cost to join in, we just want you to participate.  Start a team or walk on your own – anywhere – anytime.
We look forward to having you join in our next honor walk.


Honor Walk

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Honor Walk

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