Never Tell Me The Odds // Jack Carr // Navy SEALS Through My Eyes

Get ready to be inspired! Not many can add #NavySEAL Sniper and #NYTimes Best Selling author to their resume. #JackCarr hasn’t talked about it, he’s done it. Jack led special operations teams as a Team Leader, Platoon Commander, Troop Commander, and Task Unit Commander. Over his 20 years in Naval Special Warfare he #transitioned from an enlisted SEAL #sniper, to a junior officer leading #assault and sniper teams in Iraq and Afghanistan, to a platoon commander practicing counterinsurgency in the southern Philippines, to commanding a Special Operations Task Unit in the more Iranian influenced section of southern Iraq.
In this episode of Through My Eyes with Oakley Standard Issue, Jack Carr sits down with #NFL Legend and #BDF founder, Donnie Edwards, to talk about #transition and bring us into the inner circle to dive into both his Navy SEAL and post operator NY Times best-selling books.