To commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, we are providing 60+ WWII Veterans with a once in a lifetime experience and bringing them closure by returning them to Hawaii.


December 2nd, 2021

Great start to our Hawaii Battlefield return program!
Huge thanks to American Airlines for rolling out the red carpet for us tonight in Dallas. Our 63 WWII veterans had a wonderful meal from Chef Robert Irvine and danced the night away to a live big band.


December 3rd, 2021

We are here!

Great flight DFW to HNL on our charter American Airline 787. The plane was decked out with flags and photos of the veterans, which was amazing.

Huge thank-you to the all volunteer American Airline staff that donated their time to serve our veterans and team on this flight – and thank you to chef Irvine for the great food!

Upon arrival, we loaded up and headed straight to Ford Island for a Liberty Luau at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum.

Amazing singers, luau dancers, fire dancers, and excellent food rounded out the night. We thank the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum for a wonderful first night on island.


December 4th, 2021

Great morning on Oahu as we toured Schofield Barracks and Wheeler Airfield.

Wheeler was the primary target and site of the first attack on December 7, 1941. The Japanese attacked the airfield to prevent the numerous planes there from getting airborne and engaging them.

We followed up the tour with lunch at the DFAC with active duty US Army soldiers.

Block party tonight in Honolulu as we celebrate the launch of “Day of Infamy” Ale.

Amazing to see ideas like this beer come together – our friends at Chula Vista Brewery partnered up with Maui Brewing Company to create this collaborative and delicious cream ale that sheds light on the 80th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

With proceeds benefitting BDF and our veterans – Day of Infamy Ale is available at your local retailer today.