2Lt. Hewitt B. Gomez

492nd Bombardment Group, “Carpetbaggers”

Hewitt B. Gomez was born January 28, 1925 in Baton Rouge, LA.

In 1943 at 18 years old, he enlisted and was sworn into the US Army Air Corps in New Orleans, LA. He was sent to Greensboro, NC in August, 1943. He was then sent to the University of Pittsburgh as an air cadet. After testing highest on navigation, he was sent to train further at Maxwell Field, AL for OCS. His wish was to be a pilot, but due to his height he was disqualified.

After receiving his assignment to the 492nd Bombardment Group, Huey flew to Harrington Field in Kettering, England. There, he was assigned to a secret mission–navigating B-24 Bombers over Europe as part of the “Carpetbaggers.” The Carpetbaggers were a part of the OSS, the precursor to the CIA that dropped spies, saboteurs, ammunition, bombs, and equipment to aid the underground to destroy routes of the Germans, including railroads, bridges, and roads. He had a couple of close calls, especially after hitting a tree on one mission to Norway.

Hewitt was honorably discharged on December 6, 1945.