SM2c Carl T. Felton

SM2c Carl T. Felton

HMS Ceres; USS Baker; USS Scott

Carl was born on February 6, 1926 in Somerville, Massachusetts. Four months after graduating from high school, he joined the US Navy in October, 1943 at age 17 and attended bootcamp in Sampson, NY. After receiving training in Morse Code, he became a Signalman and was assigned to the HMS Ceres. The ship was in charge of directing traffic in and out of Omaha Beach.

In the early morning hours of June 6, 1944, the ship left for Normandy and took heavy fire off the coast. Carl was stationed on the bridge sending and receiving messages. Many ships around him were sunk. He was stationed at Omaha Beach throughout the summer of 1944 before moving on to Cherbourg to help rebuild the port. Carl was transferred in 1945 to the USS Baker whose main job was to search for mines.

Carl returned to New York City on the Queen Elizabeth in 1945 and was transferred to the USS Scott which escorted a captured German submarine to Washington DC. He was then sent to Florida to assist in the decommission of several ships and was honorably discharged in April, 1946.