Cpl. Samuel Meyer

370th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force

Sam Meyer was born on August 6, 1924 in New Orleans, LA.

He was drafted in February, 1943 into the Army Air Corps and boarded a train on St. Patrick’s Day headed to basic training in Miami Beach, FL. Sam attended armament school in Buckley Field, CO before being shipped out to England.

Arriving in Liverpool, Sam was assigned to the 370th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force at Andover Air Base. He served as an armorer, loading bombs and ammunition on P-38 fighter planes and his planes completed 110 missions. In mid July- 1944, the fighter group was moved to the first American airstrip in Normandy, France and from there, followed the front lines as they moved to Belgium and Germany. On VE Day, Sam was in a hospital in Belgium recovering from a hernia.

He was honorably discharged on December 16, 1945.