Cpt. Floyd F. Blair

507th Fighter Squadron, 404th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force

Floyd F. Blair was born on November 15, 1920 in Fort Wayne, Alabama.

He attended Georgia Tech and graduated with an electrical engineering degree while a part of the ROTC. He joined the Army Air Corps in June, 1942 and trained at airfields in Texas, Florida and South Carolina to become a fighter pilot.
Floyd was assigned to the 507th Fighter Squadron, 404th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force flying a P-47 under the code name “Ramblin’ Wreck.”

Embarking overseas, Floyd arrived in Winston, England in April, 1944. On June 6, 1944, he flew in two support missions across Omaha Beach as the Allied invasion began. Throughout the next year, he flew mostly low-level ground support missions to support and protect Allied troops. His targets included German tanks, troop trains and other threats to the advancing troops and his radio was tied directly into the US tanks on the ground. By November, Floyd organized a five-piece band named ‘Nix Compris’ where he played the saxophone. He was promoted to Captain in January, 1945 and continued to fly mission after mission flying his 100th and final mission in April, 1945.

Floyd was honorably discharged in August 1945.