Sgt. John ‘’Jack’’ Kinyon

Sgt. John ‘’Jack’’ Kinyon

503rd Army Air Forces Base Unit
Air Transport Command

Jack was born on March 24, 1923 in Long Beach, NY. When he was 20 years old, Jack worked for American Airlines at LaGuardia Field, New York. He enlisted in the Army Air Forces, Air Transport Command in 1943 and was accepted for training as a Loadmaster at Hamilton Field in California. When he finished his training, he was assigned to the North Atlantic Division for flight duty on Douglas C-­54 ‘Skymasters.’

Jack’s flights from east coast bases were to Newfoundland (or Bermuda), the Azores and to
Casablanca in French Morocco. All planes were equipped with an astrodome as over ocean
navigation was celestial. Radio communication was by Morse Code. Some flights continued on over the Atlas Mountains, across Algeria, Tunisia with a fuel stop at Tripoli, Libya. From there across the Sahara Desert to Cairo. The flight was extremely hot and uncomfortable. After a night at Payne Field (an airport built by the Army Air Forces, now Cairo International) they flew over Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the Persian Gulf and landed at Abadan, Iran. From there they continued southeast over Iran, across the Arabian Sea and landed at Karachi, India (now Pakistan) to link up with the China-Burma-­India Division of the Air Transport Command.

As a Loadmaster, Jack served on missions to Africa, the Middle East, India and many destinations in Europe. He completed 48 overseas flights and was honorably discharged on February 11, 1946.