Lt. Col. Enoch “Woody” Woodhouse

332nd Fighter Group, 15th Air Force

Enoch “Woody” Woodhouse was born on January 14, 1927 in Roxbury, MA.

On his 17th birthday, he enlisted in the US Army Air Corps. While on the train headed for boot camp, Woody and his fellow soldiers were told the train was for ‘Whites Only’. The train he was allowed to ride on arrived six hours later, causing him to show up late for his assignment, much to the chagrin of his white drill sergeant.

Woody was transferred to Ogden, UT, where he was assigned to Squadron F, an all-Black squadron, primarily in charge of housekeeping, upkeep of the roads and peeling potatoes for the unit. Woody was assigned to the more coveted jobs as a waiter in the Officer’s Club. Woody, who spoke several languages, always kept his favorite book close by while cleaning the Officer’s Club. One evening, a lieutenant spotted the book and told him to apply for Officer Candidate School.

Commissioned a 2nd Lt. at 19, Woody was assigned F Co. to the 332nd Fighter Group, better known as the Tuskegee Airmen, where he became paymaster/finance officer for the squadron. He never went overseas for his duties but stayed in the United States.