Tec4 Moshe D. Lenske

Tec4 Moshe D. Lenske

Co A, 2d Armored Medical Battalion, 9th Armored Division

Moshe D. Lenske was born on June 20, 1925 Portland, Oregon. After graduating from high school, Moshe enlisted into the Army on September 18, 1943 in Portland, Oregon.

He attended basic training at Fort Lewis, WA and received technical training in radio operation and Morse Code in Fort Benning, GA. After being sent overseas to England, Moshe trained for two additional months. He was sent in as a replacement in Luxemburg serving with Company A, Second Armored Medical Battalion which was a part of the 9th Armored Division, Combat Command A. During the Battle of the Bulge, Combat Command A was placed just south of the confluence of the Our and Sure Rivers wedged between the 109th Infantry Regiment of the 28th Infantry Division.

Moshe continued on with the 9th Armored Division as they crossed into Germany. In March, 1945, Moshe crossed the famous last bridge across the Rhine River–the Bridge at Remagen and fought his way into Germany all the way to Czechoslovaskia. Moshe was honorably discharged at Fort Lewis, Washington on March 16, 1946.