PFC John M. Wardell

Company E, 2nd Ranger Battalion

John Wardell was born on July 12, 1925 in Point Pleasant, NJ. After graduating from high school, John entered the Army in October 1943 in Camden NJ and attended basic training at Camp Blanding, FL.

Arriving in England in April 1944, John volunteered for the Rangers and was sent to Baggy Point, England for Ranger training. On June 18th, 1944 he arrived on Omaha Beach and joined E Co, 2nd Ranger Bn. During the remainder of the Normandy Campaign, John conducted patrols and training for their next engagement.

In August 1944, they moved into Brittany engaging the Germans at the Battle of Brest before heading across France. John participated in the Battle of the Hürtgen Forest from September- November. In early December, the 2nd Battalion moved into Bergstein to gain control of Hill 400, to the Rangers that fought there, it was known as “The last Hill” John was wounded here on December 7th and later rejoined the Company on Christmas Day 1944.

John was honorably discharged from the Army on October 26th 1945 at Fort Dix, NJ.