MoMM2c Richard Rung

MoMM2c Richard Rung

LCT 539; LST 309

Richard was born on September 24, 1924 in Buffalo, New York. While attending automobile school, he was inducted into the Navy on July 22, 1943 at 18 years old. Richard trained at Sampson Naval Training Base in Geneva, New York, but once his superiors discovered his auto-mechanics background, he was sent to the U.S. Naval Institute in Richmond, Virginia.

Assigned to LCT 539, he was sent overseas and took part in the D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944. After they landed and disembarked the troops, time was spent hosing down the deck of the blood of those who were killed. They went back and forth to the USS Samuel Chase to deposit both wounded and casualties from Omaha Beach.

Richard’s LCT 539 stayed in Normandy for almost 5 months. His ship transported troops, supplies and vehicles from larger ships to shore. In December 1944, he was assigned to LST 309 and was shipped to the Pacific Theater where he spent the rest of the war. He was honorably discharged on March 22, 1946.