SC2c Jack E. Stowe

U.S. Navy

Jack Stowe was born in Denton, Texas on September 28, 1926 and was working at a grocery store when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Jack knew this was a life changing event and wanted to fight for his country, but at 15 years old, he was too young. Jack quit high school, altered his birthdate on some documents and joined the Navy at fifteen years old.

After basic training in San Diego, Jack was assigned to Halavo Seaplane Base on Florida Island, just across from Tulagi, where President John F. Kennedy was stationed as a PT Boat commander. Jack witnessed them frequently patrolling the water around the Solomon Islands and watched the large naval battles in Iron Bottom Sound.

Halavo Base was frequently attacked with one raid resulting in a large explosion causing many casualties. As the war moved closer to Japan, Jack stayed at the base to maintain security.

When the war ended, Jack and two of his navy buddies hitched a ride on a Dutch freighter back to the US.

After serving for over three years, Jack was discharged in January, 1946 at 18.5 years old!