Sgt. David F. Freeman

241st General Hospital

David F. Freeman was born on April 13, 1925 in Raleigh, NC. He attended Wake Forest College in September, 1942 and enlisted on December 9, 1943 at Fort Bragg. From there he went to Camp Barkeley, TX where he had twelve weeks of medical basic training. On April 6, 1944 he was sent to O’Reilly General Hospital in Springfield, Missouri and then returned to Camp Barkeley where he was assigned to the 241st General Hospital as a Medical Lab Tech.

David went overseas first to Glasgow, Scotland and arrived in Le Havre, France on December 30, 1944. Their first stop was Camp Lucky Strike. On January 23, 1945, the unit was transported to Sissonne, France to set up the hospital. During his time in France, David made several trips to Reims and was in Sissonne when the war ended. As he did not have enough points to go home, he moved to Arlon, Belgium and Mourmelon le Petit, France. The 241st General Hospital was housed in the Hopital de la Pitie. On February 3, 1946, David was assigned to the dispensary of the 6874th Q.M. Battalion, located on the island of St. Germaine in the Seine River near the Eiffel Tower.

David was discharged on May 11, 1946 at Fort Bragg.