TEC5 John “Bill” Kongable

Anti Tank Company, 354th Regiment, 89th Infantry Division.

John “Bill” Kongable was born on February 22nd, 1926 in Hominy, Oklahoma.

Bill was drafted into the Army on May 28th, 1944 and received his basic training at Camp Fannin, Texas. After completion, he was assigned to an Antitank Company in the 354th Regiment of the 89th Infantry Division.

Bill and the 89th Division landed in Le Havre in January, 1945 and made their way to Camp Lucky Strike near St. Valery, France. From March to May of 1945, Bill was in combat with his anti tank unit fighting through Germany. In late March 1945, Bill crossed the Rhine River near St. Goar, moving his unit closer to Berlin. Then, on April 4th, 1945, Bill and the 89th Division helped liberate the Ohrdruf concentration camp, a moment which Bill remembers very well.

After V-E day, Bill was transferred to the 42nd Infantry Division, where he was a member of the Army of Occupation in Austria. He had served for a total of 25 months. Bill was discharged from the Army as a Tec5 on June 28th, 1946.