Cpl. Wilbur J.“Jack” Myers

Cpl. Wilbur J.“Jack” Myers

Company B, 692nd Tank Destroyer Battalion, attached with the 104th & 42nd Infantry Division

One of thirteen children, Wilbur Jack Myers was born on June 17,1923 in Williamsport, Maryland. In 1943, he was drafted into the Army and trained to be a gunner with the 692nd Tank Destroyer Battalion.

Arriving in Cherbourg, France, on September 23, 1944, they rapidly advanced to the southern part of the Netherlands to support the 104th Division and British forces in the battle of Antwerp, Belgium. Soon after, the 692nd Tank Destroyer Battalion advanced to Aachen, Germany and the Siegfried Line. His battalion occupied defensive positions along the Roer River during the Battle of the Bulge and supported the 104th Division from the Roer to the Rhine River and helped capture Cologne. After clearing more Siegfried Line fortifications, they crossed the Rhine on March 31, 1945 and drove across Germany to advance to Munich by April 30th. Jack and the 692nd Tank Destroyer Battalion were attached to the 42nd, 63rd and 104th Infantry divisions during World War II, and they were also involved in the liberation of Dachau concentration camp when attached to the 42nd Infantry Division.

For many years, Jack was too emotional to talk about his experiences in World War II because of losing so many friends in combat. When he eventually started talking about his experiences he discovered it became easier to deal with the past. Jack is married to Mary Jo and is still active with singing and dancing.